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Team’s patented InsertValve delivers value, reliability and performance second to none. This field proven valve installs under pressure, eliminating the need for line shut downs in the event of planned or emergency valve cut-ins. Designed for a wide range of line sizes and types, the InsertValve’s wedge gate seats on the valve body, not the pipe bottom. This unique feature prevents the seat from coming into contact with the cut pipe edges to significantly extend valve life.
  • Meets ANSI/AWWA C515 material standards
  • Installs on a full range of pipe sizes and types
  • Valve permanently restrained to the pipe tomaintain pipe integrity
  • Provides instant isolation zones for securityand peace of mind
  • Eliminates backflow contamination, purgingand bac-t hits
  • Allows for removal/replacement of downstreampipe at any time
  • Enables in-line, under pressure repair of all moving parts
  • Ensures clean valve seat after installation process

Capital Improvement Connection

InsertValve's unique design allows for the upsizing and downsizing of pipe as well as replacement and repair. This is made possible by the design of it's integral mechanical joint connection.
Install the InsertValve of your choice.
Restrain the valve and remove the downstream pipe.
Install the new downstream pipe.

Video demonstration:

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